Investment Advisory Service

  • The investment advisory service conducted by the company is for the sole purpose of providing advice regarding the value of securities underlying real estate assets, such as listed J-REITs, private placement real estate investment funds, and CMBS. Our advisory service is not intended to invite, solicit, mediate, broker, or sale products including financial instruments, services, rights or any other transactions.
  • The company conducts investment advisory services for institutional investors and other corporations.

Risks related to listed J-REITs and private real estate funds, etc.

  • Financial products underlying real estate assets such as listed J-REITs, private placement real estate investment funds, CMBS, etc. are exposed to various individual real estate risks including fluctuations in asset value, in addition to the fluctuations risks of the real estate markets and capital markets. The content and nature of these risks vary, and the investment value is subject to fluctuation. The value of investment is volatile and principals are not guaranteed. It may fall below the original value.
  • Customers are solely responsible for making any investment decision, and should be sure to confirm the descriptions of memorandums, guides and references for the respective financial product.

Advisory fees borne by the customers

Remunerations charged by the company for its investment advisory services shall be calculated in accordance with one or aggregate of the following formulas.

  • Basic fee + Total net assets of invested properties or average balance of investment x Remuneration rate
  • Personnel costs required for investment advisory services (including analysis and researches) + Expenses
  • Fixed price reporting x Frequency

The specific remuneration amount in either calculation formula shall be determined by the mutual agreement between the customer and the company, based on the type of investment objects, investment strategies, content of the company's services, and other elements.

Business name

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Financial Trader license under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (Kinyu Shohin Torihiki Hou)

License number: 822 granted by the chief of Kanto Local Finance Bureau

Professional affiliations

Japan Investment Advisers Association