The Company's Research & Advisory Division comprises the Investment Research Department I and II, Global Real Estate Research Department, Private Fund Advisory Department, and REIT Advisory Department. They provide the following services.

Investment Research Department I and II

Forward-looking analysis of Japanese real estate investment, rental and capital markets based on comprehensive understanding of markets; Consulting for real estate acquisition, management and sales

Global Real Estate Research Department

In-depth research and analysis of global real estate markets of major countries and cities; Monitoring global real estate including global real estate investment, rental and capital trends, based on comprehensive understanding of each market structure

PPP & Infrastructure Investment Research Department

Research and analysis of mainly Japanese infrastructure investment market; Monitoring global infrastructure investment market; Consulting for domestic infrastructure projects, including PPPs

Private Fund Advisory Department

Due diligence for investment in private placement real estate funds and post-investment monitoring; Regular surveys of Japanese domestic private real estate fund market; Forecasts of market size and changes in fund managers' investment strategies

REIT Advisory Department

Analysis of J-REIT investment portfolios and evaluations of investment, financial and growth strategies as well as investment management capabilities to offer investment advice; Analysis and evaluation of J-REIT market investment unit price trends; Monitoring of risk related to J-REIT investment